TRANSFORMERS Legends iOS Unlimited Cybercash Hack 2014

TRANSFORMERS Legends iOS Unlimited Cybercash Hack 

Ok guys, here's a hacking tool for TRANSFORMERS Legends. This hack only works for the iOS version of the game. This is pretty basic stuff and easy to use. All you have to do is download the cheat tool, connect your device to your computer (it works on both Apple computers and Windows PC) and then run the tool (make sure the game is not running while you do this). After that,you can unplug your device and the game will be hacked.

So, what will you get? Well, the cheat tool gives you practically unlimited cybercash. The cheat tool works for all versions of the game on all the devices the game works on: iPads, iPhones and iPods (on both Jailbroken and non Jailbroken devices). You can download the cheat tool for TRANSFORMERS Legends by clicking the button below.

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